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It's now that time when we all reflect on the year gone by, what we've achieved, what we haven't and what we want to change for the next one.  

This year for me has all been about running and the lead up to Snowdonia Marathon.   At the beginning of the year, this was my goal.  To complete Snowdonia and raise money for Addaction all in memory of my dad.   Anyone who has been reading my blog posts from the beginning will know what a struggle the start of the year was for me.  Following two months of pretty heavy drinking, I had a new goal to change my behaviours whilst still training for the marathon.  Change my drinking habits, be a better person, stop hurting people, try to get a handle on my head and mental health.  And I did do well.  And also not so well.  
My first alcohol free stint lasted 67 days. Not too shabby!  I thought this is great, I've done so well.  Alas, as you all know I went straight back to the same behaviours when I started drinking again (See: To Dri…

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