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Road to Snowdonia 2017

New Year’s Eve 2016.  I’ve not had a drink yet.  This is difficult.  I need to be alert, however.  I cannot miss this.  At midnight the entries for Snowdonia Marathon 2017 go live.  Last year they sold out in about 12 hours.  I’m expecting them to go sooner.  I HAVE to get a place.  It’s all I’ve talked about for the last year.  Right, almost time.  Panic...where’s my bank card?! Oh, I’m sitting on it.  Right.  Click.  Type.  Type.  Type.  Click.  Click.  BOOM.  That’s it.  I’ve entered.  Shit.  Fast forward to Saturday 28th October 2017 and I’m there.  I made it.  I’m doing this.  BANG.  Let’s go!
My running journey began when my two besties dragged me round a 10K at the MK Festival of Running in March 2015.  I will be forever grateful to them for getting me through this.  I’d pulled out of an event a couple of months before.  I’m Gin Jen.  I don’t run. They got me to this one.  73 minutes later.  It was done.  That wasn’t so bad, I could probably run a half marathon. And so I enter…

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